Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

It's an amazing experience connecting with other cultures through Spanish. The language itself provides an entirely new platform of thinking, and it enables you to learn from so many fascinating individuals. The ability to speak Spanish here in Costa Rica and beyond provides many benefits.

Why learn Spanish in Costa Rica? Well, Spanish here is relatively clear. Yes, of course there are the occasional fast speakers; however, that isn't as common as you may think. Costa Rica Spanish is relatively clear and easy to understand. Here in Costa Rica there are a number of specific Costa Rican sayings like 'pura vida' which means 'pure life'. Overall, what you find is clear Spanish with the occasional Costa Rica specific dialect or phrase

Learn Spanish while hiking through the rainforest! Now that is a classroom you want to be in. 

We offer Spanish focused enrichment adventures. These courses are designed to put you in The optimum places for learning - Costa Rican homes and in nature. All of our courses are surrounded by constant contact with the natural world, whether you're hiking in the rainforest learning the word for bird 'ave ', or asking the family for more juice 'jugo', its all about immersive learning. This is our method of choice because we believe you have to have the contextual understanding of how words and phrases are learned to really begin to put conversations together.

Participate in our  Spanish language courses here in Costa Rica, and the language becomes a great friend, it becomes the environment, it becomes a new perspective on the world around you.


To learn more about our language immersion adventures, send us a message.

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