Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Costa Rica Weather, what can I expect?

What weather to expect on your Costa Rican Adventure

When going on a trip to Costa Rica, many people are curious about the weather here in Costa Rica.

What will the weather be like in December in Costa Rica?
What will the weather be like in July in Costa Rica?

When planning your vacation we understand that you would like to know what the weather will be like more of less. Of course, it is impossible to predict exactly what the weather will be like several months down the road, but a general overview can be helpful.

Generally speaking, the 'Green Season' of Costa Rica starts in May and goes through November. During this time you can expect warm rain showers in the afternoon and night time. Most mornings are without rain (many Costa Rican wake up early and start their day in sunshine throughout the whole year.

The peak rainy season typically occurs in October. During the month of October, the rivers are at the highest level (woohoo!) and provides great opportunity for whitewater kayaking and whitewater rafting on our rivers.

We offer trips throughout the year and have guests that enjoy different types of Costa Rican experiences. Many people love to be in the rainforest during the 'Green Season' or more rainy time. The vibrant greens and warm tropical rain is an incredible experience. Coming prepared for rain is of course important, and we advise our guests on what to bring to get the most out of their Costa Rican experience with rain.

Some guests enjoy a drier climate and visit us here in Costa Rica during the months of December through April, when it rains less. River levels are typically lower in most regions during this time, but there are rivers that we run all year round (due to topography, mountains, etc).

Costa Rica is a complex country in regards to weather patterns due to the fact that the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are so close to one another. The weather patterns in that have been describe typically occur for the Central or Pacific facing side of Costa Rica which is where many of our trips operate.

As mentioned earlier on, Autentico Adventures offers trips all year long whitewater rafting, hiking, and exploring Costa Rica. We happen to love all types of weather, so feel free to send us a message anytime for an adventure :)

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