Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The experience of a rainforest homestay in Costa Rica

Bridge over the beautiful Rio Savegre, one of the cleanest rivers in all of the Americas.

Homestays in the Costa Rican Rainforest

Drips of water slowly land from leaf to leaf until finally hitting the rainforest floor. Your eyes captivated by the rich greenery that surrounds as far as your eyes can see. You're far away from roads, cars, and even cell phone signals. You walk to the sounds of a rushing river, walking slowly, quick to observe the nature that provides an endless supply of inspiration and thought.

The path winds down to the river where you find the wooden laid suspension bridge to cross over the Rio Savegre. Don Ormidas, carrying his freshly cut plantains, says 'Hola amigo! Como estas?'. You find your words and respond 'Muy bien, y usted?'.

Don Ormidas smiles and says 'PURA VIDA!'.

You're here. You're in Costa Rica. You're in the remote and beautiful village of Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica. Full of 'PURA VIDA', or in english, 'Pure Life'.

This is your new home for the next few days. Soak it in.

Listen deeply to the exotic sounds of the birds, monkeys, and other creatures that surround this area full of virgin rainforest.

Welcome to Costa Rica. Welcome to PURA VIDA.

Go to the rainforest with us: AutenticoAdventures (@) gmail.com

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